Final Days of Sea Raiders

    Hello Sea Raiders Families!

       Sorry for the delayed communication, life has been busy the past few days. First, congratulations to all of the swimmers who attended Saturday's meet at New Paltz. There were so many great swims and LOTS of team spirit! Thank you to the parents who stepped up at the last minute to fill in jobs and went with the flow for the many changes we made on deck. 

      Can you believe the season is coming to an end?! We have truly had such an amazing season and I am so proud of all of our swimmers. We finished our Dual Meet season with a 5-2 record; something to be so proud of!! It has been amazing to watch each and every swimmer grow and improve throughout the season. Of course, we can't end our season without some good old fashion fun. Just a few details about the upcoming events this week:

    1. Practice- Practices continue this week as normal. We are working hard to prepare for championships on Saturday to ensure success for each swimmer and the team. You can now check Swimtopia to see what events your child will be swimming on Saturday. At tomorrow's practice we will be preparing for champs and the older swimmers will be talking to the younger swimmers about what to expect on Saturday.

    2. Psych Party- Thursday 6:30-8:30. Please note only swimmers attending champs may attend the psych party!!! If you have not done so already, please RSVP for a final pizza count. Thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered to bring pasta and dessert to share! We will be preparing for championships, decorating posters, painting nails, practicing cheers- all things fun! 

    3. FUN FRIDAY- We will conclude our season will a "no laps" practice- ONLY fun! ALL swimmers are invited and encouraged to attend Friday's practice. There will be splash contests, dance parties, relays, water polo and cheering. A great way to send off our swimmers participating at DUSOs on Saturday. (The coaches also have something special in store for the swimmers).

    4. DUSOs: Please arrive at the Ulster County Pool for 7:20am for 7:40 warm-ups on Saturday. Each team will have a designated tent on the outside of the pool area where we will meet for warm-ups and before the parade. All family members are welcome to attend DUSOs and there will be booklets for sale so you know when your swimmer will be swimming. Bring lots of water and snacks for the day, along with board games, coloring books, cards, etc for entertainment. The coaches will be on deck for the day and checking in between swims, it may be hard for us to answer questions. If at any point your child is nervous please shoot me a text or walk your swimmer over to the coaches tent by the pool! We can't wait, it's going to be a great day with so many exciting swims!! Don't forget to wear your best Charlie Brown outfit!

    5. Award Night: Sunday, 7/30 @7pm. There will NOT be dinner served, but lots of sweet treats to share. We celebrate the swimmers with awards and an amazing season together. After awards have been given and cake served there will be a coaches and parents relay followed by Man Hunt once the sun goes down. If you plan on staying for man hunt please pack sneakers for your child. They will be venturing into the Rec Park to escape the capturing team. 

    If you have any questions please email! 

    Thank you so much to everyone for an amazing season so far! GO SEA RAIDERS!


    Coach Mary

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