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    Good Evening Sea Raiders!

      Can you believe that our swim season is winding down already? I hope that you all are having as much fun as the coaches are; its been such a thrilling season. This coming Thursday we embark on another adventure.... ZOOM FLUME! Below is information about the days itinerary:

    1. If you have not done so already, please purchase tickets for park entrance through our merchandise store (parents must have a ticket to enter even if they will not be riding the slides). Erin and Michelle will need a final head count by tomorrow night so we can present our list to the park attendants Thursday morning.

    2. There are a few swimmers in need of a ride to/from the park. If you have not approached the parents who volunteered to carpool, please do so before leaving the pool Thursday morning. You can refer to our sign-ups to see who still has room in their car.

    3. We will leave the pool AFTER swim practice (9:30am) and caravan up to 20 SHADY GLEN RD, EAST DURHAM, NY 12423. You will check in at the front gate with Michelle or Erin- they will check you off the list and you and your group will receive wrist bands for the day. If you are running late, we will leave the list at the front desk and you can let the attendants know you are with the Red Hook Sea Raiders.

    4. Zoom Flume has reserved a pavilion for our team where swimmers and families may keep their belongings. We will have parents stationed at the pavilion until 3pm to "man the tables" and also be a check in point for all swimmers. If your child does not have a chaperone, please let your swimmers coach know Thursday morning. We will all be on site and participating on rides for the day, we are happy to keep swimmers with us for the day.

    5. FOOD: We may NOT bring in any outside food. We recommend you bring money to purchase refreshments/lunch. If you would like to pack a lunch, you will need to exit the park and there are pavilions and picnic tables set up for you and your family to dine across from the park entrance.

    6. If you are carpooling, we will be leaving the park around 3pm and returning to the RH pool for pick-up at 4. Please exchange numbers with the person who will be bringing your child back to the pool so they can let you know when we leave the park.

    7. Make sure to pack lots of sunscreen and an extra towel for the park. Swimmers can wear water shoes, but we wouldn't recommend flip flops as they are not allowed on many of the rides. 

    Please let us know if you have any questions! We can't wait for a day of fun in the sun!


    Coach Mary

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