Hello Sea Raiders Families!!

        WE DID IT!!! We knew it was going to be a very close meet and our swimmers rose to the occasion. The final score of tonights meet was RH 286 Zena 273; a 13 point spread! A few special shout outs for some very special swims at tonights meet. The following swimmers "swam-up" and filled in the gaps scoring points in each event they swam. Cat Jude swam all 15-18 events, Michael LaFratta 13-14 Fly, Maddy Hally 13-14 Breast Stroke, Keegan Daniels 9-10 IM and the stars of the night our 11-12 group swimming a 15-18 relay for SECOND PLACE: Elias Frato, Colin Hines, Lilah Shanley and Amelia Petkos!  Another shout out to KIAN OLSSON who broke the team 15-18 Mens IM record with a swim of 55.14!

      The team spirit was infectious tonight! I was so proud of the crew at the end of the pool cheering on every swimmer and the entire team chanting the relay cheer at the end. Parents... you were equally AMAZING this evening! Thank you to all of the new parents who jumped in to time and help chaperone our swimmers. We couldn't do it without you and thank you for cheering on all of our swimmers. A special shout out to Amanda and Chris LaFratta who jumped in to help Michelle and Erin fill in jobs and Mrs. Vidale who jumped in to organize the bull pen and get swimmers up to the block. We cannot thank you all enough for the amazing support you ALL provide the team!

    We have another very tough meet this coming Saturday. We're going to need all hands on deck again in order to win! If you have not done so already, please declare your swimmer by Friday morning at 9am!


    Coach Mary

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