Announcements for Week of 7/2

    Good Morning Sea Raider Families!

       A huge shout out to all of the swimmers and parents who were at yesterday's swim meet. The first meet was a success both in the pool and on deck. Thank you to all of the parents who jumped in to help with the many roles that need to be filled to run a swim meet. We can't do it without you; our team is so lucky to have a wonderful group of people to help!! A special thank you to Michelle Halley, Erin and Tim Daniels who helped organize the meet and made everything run smoothly!

      I am so proud of all our swimmers; 47% of our swims yesterday were BEST times! A few special shout outs to swimmers who dropped more then 10 seconds off their seed times yesterday! Parker Braydick: 11.02sec in freestyle, Elsa Frohlich: 10.61sec in backstroke, Baheer Jalali 17.8sec in backstroke, Massimo Mannino 30.28sec in backstroke!!!, Mae Roskey 13.72sec in breaststroke, Norah Kaiser 10.53sec IM, Luke Hineman 11.45sec IM, Michael LaFratta 20.11sec IM!!! AMAZING!!

    Many swimmers dropped between 2-5seconds per race which is INCREDIBLE! Keep up the fast swimming in the pool! All of that cheering from the pool deck motivated our swimmers in the pool. Results will be posted this week online.


    MEET SIGN UP: Please be sure to DECLARE your swimmer for this Wednesday's meet AT ZENA by practice time Tuesday 7/4. Zena is going to be a very competitive meet; we need ALL HANDS on deck to beat Zena. Sign-ups for Saturday's meet AT ROSENDALE are also open; another very competitive team!

    SWIM CLINIC: Please register your swimmer ONLINE ages 9&UP for Monday's clinic from 7-8pm. We will be focusing on free and backstroke.

    PRACTICES: Practice will be held from 7:30-9am on Tuesday July 4th. Our practice will be a "Happy Birthday America" themed. Please wear your most colorful Red, White and/or Blue outfit. The coaches will be dressed and ready for a fun celebration. We will hold practice, Wednesday, July 5th normal time (7:30-9am). Don't forget team bonding and meet prep from 8:30-9am.

    ZOOM FLUME: Please continue to sign up online if interested. Include everyone who is interested in attending, including "non-team members." More details to follow as we near the sign-up deadline of FRIDAY, JULY 14th. We will be looking for families to carpool if swimmers need a ride to and from the event.

    If you have any questions or your swimmer will not be able to attend a meet the morning/afternoon on the day, please email or text to let us know!

    See you at the pool!

    Coach Mary


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