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    Good Afternoon Everyone!

       Our first week of practice has been amazing! So far Mother Nature has been on our side and reserved her rain storms for the afternoons. The coaches have enjoyed the kick off to the season and are excited for what's to come in the next few weeks!! Just a few general announcements:

    1. Stroke Clinics and Zoom Flume: You must register to attend ONLINE (9&UP). For some reason the Swimtopia App will not allow sign-ups for "non meet" events. 

      We are asking if you are interested in attending our fun day at Zoom Flume to register no later then Friday, JULY 14th. We first need to get a head count in order to lock-in our ticket price. More details to come next week about payment and carpooling.

    2. Wednesday Morning Practices: If your child is able to attend Wednesday morning practices, from 8:30-9am will be "team bonding" time. This past week the older swimmers coached the younger swimmers and participated in a huge team relay. Keep coming back and find out what we have in store for each Wednesday :)

    3. Job Sign-Ups: Please make sure you have signed up for a job at EACH meet. DUSO has gone back to 3 timers per lane, so we need many hands to fill the shifts. Timing gives you a front row seat to all of the action! Michelle Halley and Erin Daniels will be available to answer any questions about jobs at the beginning of each meet.

    4. Swim Meet Preparations: When preparing for a swim meet, make sure your swimmer is well rested and hydrated! We recommend LOTS of water, an extra towel and healthy snacks. Swimmers are asked to stay and cheer through the last race of the meet- Sammy Seahorse is looking out for swimmers with great team spirit! 

        If at any point your swimmer becomes apprehensive about swimming a race, please seek out their coach. Walk them over to the coaches tent and we'll find a place for them to watch other swimmers and get a front row seat to coaching.

    Please email us with any questions. If there is are any changes or you can't make a meet please text me at 845-233-1197. 

    See you at the pool!

    Coach Mary

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