Upcoming Meets & Events

    Sea Raiders,

    All dual meets for the remainder of the season are open for swimmers to declare and for jobs.  Entries for Saturday against Hyde Park are due this Thursday by 7:00 pm.  More information will be coming regarding or final championship meet.

    Volunteer Jobs:  Thank you again to everyone who is pitching in and helping this season.  We could not run our meets without you.  At the end of the season parents will be given raffle entry tickets based on the number of jobs they worked and we will be pulling raffles for $50 gift cards.  Thank you again for helping!

    Please note we added three events.  We have our Psych Pizza Party on the July 28th and our Ice Cream Awards Party on July 31st.  We have also added a swim meet that will take place during our awards party.  This is our second annual "Switch" Meet.  Please note that when you enter your child in our "Switch" meet is actually you who will be swimming.  This is a meet where we assign the swimmers a role (official, chaperone, coach, bull pen, etc.) and you race.  The kids and parents had a lot of fun with this last time we did it.  If you would like to be entered in our switch meet, sign up as your child.  We hope to get at least eight parents to race (2 relays).  Parents- you do not have to go off the block.

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