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Sea Raiders Registration - Ages 7-18

All swimmers will receive a free t-shirt if registered before June 10th.  Please select your t-shirt size at registration.

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Photo Waiver


By agreeing to participate in the Red Hook Sea Raider’s activities and events (including scheduled, supervised team activities, events, training sessions and swim meets) I understand that Red Hook Sea Raider’'s team photographers, coaches, parents, team administrators or swimmers may take photographs.

I acknowledge that by signing this agreement I give consent to have photos taken of my child(ren), myself and other family members. I give Red Hook Sea Raiders permission to use photographs of my child(ren), myself and other family members in Red Hook Sea Raiders promotional materials including: brochures, yearbooks, team website and social media.

All photographs taken and used by Red Hook Sea Raiders will adhere to standards of decency. Photographs used by Red Hook Sea Raiders will be chosen because they promote the spirit of the organization and the sport of swimming. Action shots will be a celebration of swimming. Care will be taken that any photos used for publicity are not too revealing. Photos will NOT be taken from behind the blocks. Photography is NEVER allowed in locker-rooms, changing rooms or bathrooms.

Parents/Legal Guardians have the right to refuse to consent to their child being photographed and/or to refuse to have photos published in specific contexts. Please contact rhsearaiders@gmail.com with any questions or concerns or to withhold consent. 

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Work Policy & Meet Attendance


Running a swim meet takes a lot of work for both the home and away teams. Red Hook Sea Raiders’ takes great pride in running a smooth meet. In order for us to run a successful meet we need parents to help out. If your child is swimming in a meet, we ask that you help work the meet. We do not want to have to beg you to help! A swimmer won’t be allowed to swim if a family member has not been there to help for more than one meet. If you feel you have a special situation and you may not be able to fulfill this obligation please speak to Michelle Hally or Erin Daniels before we scratch your swimmer from a meet. We don’t want to scratch any swimmer!!

We also ask you to declare your swimmer’s intent to swim in our weekly meet by the posted meet deadline. You can do this by logging into https://rhsr.swimtopia.com/ and clicking on the Upcoming Meets & Events tab. You will see the green tab to RSVP.  You will also use this link to sing up for meet jobs once they are posted.

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